The Best Cheap Binoculars UK 2017

Best Cheap Stargazing Binoculars 

One of the best ways of observing the stars is through a decent pair of  binoculars. It’s like looking through two telescopes at once!

To start you don’t need to break the bank on the latest, most expensive, state-of-the-art ginormous pair of binoculars .

Best CheapDay and Night Binoculars

7 x 50 portable Binoculars . You might be able to find cheaper ones than these but these are not bad quality for the money. They are durable and have coated lenses.


Cheap bins
Cheap Day and night Binoculars

The Best Value for Money Binoculars

I own a very modest pair of 10 x 50 DPS I Bins made by

Olympus Binocular 10×50 DPS-1

My Binoculars
Best value for Money Binoculars

Olympus 10 x 50 Bins
Great lightweight Olympus 10×50 DPSI BINOCULARS
They  cost My Wife £60 (early Xmas pressie). These are brilliant. Lightweight and easy to use. On a clear night they give fantastic views of stars, planets, nebulas and a host of deep sky objects.

I Highly Recommend these if your just starting out in Astronomy.👍👍👍👍👍!

Another very good pair of 10 x 50 Binoculars are these little beauties:               The Dynamic-res Olympus Binoculars.


Dynamic Bins
The more expensive Dynamic Olympus 10×50

These are lightweight and have exceptional visual qualities. However these are nearly three times as much (around £140.) as the very comparable Olympus equivalent above.

At the other end of the scale are these: The Vortex Razor HD 10×50 Roof Prism Binocular, Green RZB-2103 At over £1000 !!!

Exotic vortex binoculars
Expensive Vortex RZR over £1,000

The difference between the Olympus and the Vortex, apart from the price, is the quality. The Vortex have better optics and better build quality. They are covered in durable rubber to protect them in all weathers and accidental drops.   Are they going to make what you see clearer than the cheaper Olympus pair?                  Probably but just a fraction.

If you’re in advanced mode of Stargazing you might be looking for the more powerful    Celestron

 71017 25 x 100 Skymaster Pro Prism Binoculars.

Celestron bins
A bit more affordable Celestron Skymaster Bins. Very Good.

These will be much heavier and harder to keep steady. You will need stabilising tripod and about £300. You could go for the Vortex Razor HD 10 x 50 at £1,200….

When starting out in Astronomy I actually preferred Binoculars to the Telescope. They are much easier to use. No lengthy set up. No heavy weight to trudge around. The Binoculars are at hand readily available and will pick out most things in the night sky. You don’t get the eye-strain like you do with a telescope trying to keep one eye shut. Binoculars are much more comfortable to look through. You keep two eyes open and the exit pupil is better so you can look through them longer without the eye-strain.

HOWEVER:                                                         The Telescope is a must for Deep Sky Objects and Astrophotography. Which Telescope should you choose ??? Don’t bother buying one of those children’s starter scopes that you can buy from your toy store. They are cheap plastic with dodgey optics and flimsy tripod mounts. They don’t give very clear images and they are difficult to find and focus a object. Seriously don’t waste your time or money on these. Continued : The Best Cheap Telescopes.
More of the Best Cheap Star Gazing Binoculars

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