Ok so here are my three goals for setting up my WP BlogSite Astronomy Emporium. Number 1. To make Money !!! I know that’s brutal and will scare most visitors off right now but I believe in being honest and I bet most of the other bloggers out there wouldn’t admit that, in step one, […]

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Hobbies for Insomniacs

       Hobbies for Insomniacs It has come to my attention that most of us of fifty years and above have Slowed down. As we approach middle age We have become couch potatoes and endomorphs. We accept that we go to work, come home put our feet up,eat out Dinner and watch TV.  We […]

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Do Pulsars Create Antimatter ?

Pulsars may be churning out small reserves of antimatter. We live in a universe dominated by normal matter. This wasn’t always true — right after the Big Bang, in fact, nearly equal amounts of matter and antimatter were created, and then soon afterwards destroyed as they annihilated each other. But because the amounts of matter […]

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What are Super Telescopes ?

Rise of the Super Telescopes: The Large Synoptic TelescopesWe humans have an insatiable hunger to understand the Universe. As Carl Sagan said, “Understanding is Ecstasy.” But to understand the Universe, we need better and better ways to observe it. And that means one thing: big, huge, enormous telescopes. Check out Astronomy Emporium In this series […]

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