The Best Cheap Astronomy Equipment UK 2017


After Spare parts for Your Telescope?

Do you need a new Telescope?

Are You looking to upgrade your equipment?

Telescope Primary Mirrors.

Replacement Mirrors for your Telescope.

Telescope Mirrors
Primary Mirrors

Building your own Custom Telescope ? Find the ideal primary and secondary mirrors here

Telescope Eyepieces .

What are the best value for money Eyepieces ?

What Eyepiece is best for viewing Planets ?

Exotic Eyepieces
Typical Eyepiece kit

What Eyepiece for Deep Sky Objects ?

Tripods and Azimuth mounts

Electronic mounts
Telescope Mounts
A various array of Telescope mounts. Hi quality standard mounts and Motorised Mounts.

Telescope Filters

Moon Filters, planet Filters and filter kits.

Range of filters
Lunar, planet, and star filters
Power Tanks

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