Hobbies for Insomniacs

       Hobbies for Insomniacs
It has come to my attention that most of us of fifty years and above have Slowed down. As we approach middle age We have become couch potatoes and endomorphs.

We accept that we go to work, come home put our feet up,eat out Dinner and watch TV. 

We have reached that comfort zone of knowing our place in this world of red tape and bureaucracy.
We know all the tricks and sussed out how to avoid the scammers. We know how to get over the hurdles of everyday life. We have successfully bought Children into the world and paid out thousands for their upbringing.

We can honestly say, with hand on heart, that ” We have done our bit for society”

My name is Lee Shephard. I am a 53 year old Taxi Driver from a little town called Hatfield in the U.K. I am married with 3 drains on my resources (kids).

My interests :  I am a 60″s child so I love the music from the 60’s , 70’s and 80’s . Pink Floyd , Genesis, most rock music. From the 80’s Depeche Mode. 

I was in a Band called the Autoset. (You can check them out on YouTube and SoundCloud )😄🤘   I support Arsenal (enough about that)😱 

I am A keen Angler. Mainly coarse Fishing for Carp, Tench and anything else you can get out of rivers and Lakes🐬

Carp Fishing
What a beauty ! The fish isn’t bad either😆

My latest interest is Astronomy. I love Stargazing. I got into Astronomy about six years ago so I think I am qualified enough to help others, that feel it’s time for a New Hobby or pass-time.

I have my own little Astronomy website. Called Astronomy Emporium.🚀

it has tips and tricks on how to get into astronomy, what to look for and reviews on some of the best equipment and where to get it.

Feel free to visit my site and post a comment.
A great Hobby for Insomniacs.

I wish to address this slouchy, laid back, sit and watch TV night after night epidemic. 
With………..? EXERCISE!!!!
No not really. Only Joking.
Fresh Air !

Get Yourself out doors and breath in the Clean fresh air!

I don’t mean join the local football or rugby team or go jogging or any strenuous stuff like that.
Just go outside at dusk and 


I am here to introduce you to the Wonderful Universe of Astronomy.
It’s dead easy. There’s no effort, no subscriptions to pay, you can do it from your own Garden (backyard if you’re from the USA) and it’s free to get started.

This is a great Hobby for the Insomniacs among you.
Get a comfy recliner bed chair, a bottle of wine, lean back and relax.
Watch the night unfold and see the Stars come out one by one. If possible do it with your partner. Reminisce about the good times.

It’s amazing how just by sitting outside, Gazing up at the Stars and chatting Idly over a good bottle of Wine can reconnect each other. Leaves you with that inner warmth of “feel good” feeling.

Did you know that you can get started as an amateur Astronomer for Nothing ?
That’s right a New Hobby that will cost you nothing to start. 

Free Astronomy Apps.

In this Technical age of Phones and computers there are many Astronomy “Apps” that are free to download. I use Apples own Astronomy App “Starwalk” and another free App “Solarwalk”
Once downloaded you simply open the App and point your phone at the sky.

The Apps  are remarkable. They give you a live image of the night sky. You can zoom in on celestial objects hit the. “I” icon and all of the information pops up on you phone screen. Name, size, mass, constellation, light magnitude and lots more. Right at your fingertips.

These Apps are so good that Astronomers are using their mobile phones as “Finder Scopes” in conjunction with Telescopes.

Tycho on the moon
Crator Tycho taken by my iphone6

So that’s it basically. Discover Your place in the Universe.

Astronomy for Free!!
You can get a More in depth account of how to get into Astronomy at my website 

Astronomy Emporium
Clear Skies

Lee Shephard

Astronomy Help

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