Ok so here are my three goals for setting up my WP BlogSite Astronomy Emporium.

Number 1. To make Money !!!

I know that’s brutal and will scare most visitors off right now but I believe in being honest and I bet most of the other bloggers out there wouldn’t admit that, in step one,  their first intention is to make money from their website or blog?

Number 2. To make Money by Helping Others !

This is also True. I have been trying to make Money online for years now. I have tried MLM, Forex, Promoting Get Rich Quick sites and an array of Affiliate Scams “er I mean Schemes”.  All to no avail. They have resulted in years of wasted time Money and effort. Have you had the same experience? If so let me know. Maybe we can exchange tips and tricks to be successful.

Between all of this trial and error and schemeing one thing has remained constant. I have seen it every where  in amongst all that fluff. The best advice I have had and I could give.                        The only way to be successful online is :

“To help Others Get what they Need and You will get everything you want”

How or where do I start? You may well ask.

I don’t know a thing about making money online. What I know about Forex and Binary option you could fit on a postage stamp so what is the point in trying  to write a post promoting Somebody Else’s site? Especially when you consider that they probably have hundreds of thousands of people on their email lists all trying to compete and do the same as you!

If you’ve tried writing about something you know very little about you soon find out that you , very quickly, run out of things to say.


Write about something YOU LOVE !!!

It maybe a Hobby like Fishing, Making Models or Knitting. You might be really interested in Quantum Physics, Economics or Politics. Whatever it is once you start writing about it , you find, you can’t stop !

Then people see that “Hey! This guy knows what he’s talking about.!” Then the Questions come. This is where you come into your element. You can answer these questions because You DO KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT !


With a tiny bit of research you can find products associated with your topic (Niche) on online Matket sites like Amazon for example. They will provide you with your personalised affiliate link.   When somebody enquiries about a certain product you can steer them via your link to a competitively priced item and when they purchase said item Bingo! You have made some Money !!!

Goal number 3.

My Hobby is Astronomy so, ipso facto, My WordPress site is all about astronomy. It has links to Amazon Products. I would like it to be on the first page of All the search engines. I currently get about 450 visitors a month I would like to double that and exponentially keep rising. Most importantly


To do list:                                                                      1. I need to tidy up and polish my Landing Pages. (I keep getting sidetracked. I must Focus!) Make the Pages more attractive so that visitors  will want to purchase products rather than read a bit and then ” browse off” to another site.

2. Work on getting more “Link Juice” to my pages and blogs. That means “Guest blogging”, commenting on other sites and joining endless forums (boring).

Do you know where I can get this done for Free????

3. Add More Interesting content and Tutorial Videos to make it more vibrant.

please feel free to look at my Astronomy site and give an honest opinion. Good or bad it all helps.

Lee Shephard


3 thoughts on “#bloggingbranding

  1. All of your points are valid IMO.
    I’ve not tried to make money, however assume I’d need more hits than the 700 a day I get. I feel my nature blog isn’t where the big hits are found. I think either a more personal blog or a niche news or star site is needed.
    My goal is to use my blog as a portfolio and get hired to write somewhere. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Brutally honest, that deserves my like!
    I appreciate honesty and you were. And I do agree: it would be a dream for me to earn money with that. But I have still a long way to go.

    I hope you will achieve your goals soon!

    Liked by 1 person

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