What are Biggest Stars in the Universe ?

What are the biggest Stars in the Universe ?

Red Giants and Dwarfs
Rigel against Hyper Giant Canis Majoris.
My favourite video is one where I typed into Google- “What are the largest things in the Universe ?”

Although it’s not largest thing in the Universe . It is still pretty damn impressive. It is a super Massive Red Hyper Giant called Canis Majoris.

Check out this video:  Largest Stars

Canis Majoris lies in the constellation Canis Major . It was , at one time the largest Star known and is about3,900 light years away from Earth.

It is estimated to be so large (990,000,000 km; 6.6 au), that it could                          engulf our entire solar system inside it.  Including the Sun and Jupiter.

I just love the way the video pans out from each object to give the size perspective against the next, even bigger, object. Then pans to show that Canis majoris is just a pinhead on the edge of an entire galaxy of stars and planets.

A great analogy of the size of Canis Majoris is this: If you were to fly in a jet plane at “Mach 2” (that’s a thousand miles an hour)  It would take 1100 years to fly around it ONCE !!!!

It is difficult to get ones mind around how Massive the universe must be and how tiny and insignificant we are ..

We are just invisible atoms floating around on a grain of sand !!!

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