NASA and TRUMP what next?

Beautiful Mars
1 Trump likely will have to make big decisions about NASA’s plans for Mars.

My God I can’t believe this man is going to have a major say in what is going on at NASA. Apparently he can influence decisions on the “Sending humans to Mars project”
We have Theresa May in charge of the UK.      Putin in charge of Russia and anything else he can get his hands on.

A Meglomaniac perfecting Nuclear missiles in North Korea and Mickey Mouse in the most powerful position on the planet!!!!

If we ever do get a visit from higher intellence celestial beings that are looking for Intelligent life. They will take one look at this lot and bugger off.

2 Trump sent an “experience landing team” to NASA.

3 Trump has not yet appointed the top leaders who will influence space policy

3 Trump may try to reduce or eliminate NASA’s Earth Science department.

We really don’t want to be going backwards with our space exploration. Obama put the breaks on the ” humans to Mars” mission. We can only hope that Donald is a visionary and fully supports the Space programmes.

If Donald Trump wants to make America “GREAT ” again he needs to be at  the forefront of Space Travel. Endorsing every project that propels Mankind to new frontiers.

5 Trump may reinstate a National Space Council.

6 Trump will likely support NASA partnerships with private spaceflight companies.

By Lee Shephard Astronomy Emporium 

Astronom Help

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