what is it that you are looking  for ???

Are you just starting out in Astronomy ? Want to know How to get started in Astronomy ?

what are the best books on Astronomy?

What are the best value for money Binoculars ?

Are you looking to Upgrade Your Telescope ?

Are you looking for a Great quality Eyepiece ?

Are you starting to think about taking photographs of the celestial objects you’re finding ?

This site is set up to help would be Amateur, intermediate and advanced astronomers get the information and equipment they need.

check out the pages that appeal to you.

It has links that will take you to all the best Astronomy equipment retailers. Giving you the best value for money.

You will discover how to get started in Astronomy without spending a fortune. In fact it costs you nothing to start. You can get free apps on you phone or laptop that will show you what to look at and where to find it. All you need to do to start astronomy is LOOK UP !

As you get to learn your way around the Constellations, Planets and stars of The Cosmos you may want to take a closer look.  This site explains why you should  get a good pair of binoculars instead of a cheap Telescope.

Browse around the posts and pages of this site and enjoy yourself.

Hopefully it will set off the spark  that will get you exited about astronomy and biting at the bit to get involved in the Fantastic outdoor pursuit of Stargazing !!!

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